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About us
Wellington News has become Telford’s favourite newspaper since its inception some twelve years ago.
The newspaper has built up a loyal readership based on its unique and lively mix of local news and reader’s nostalgic letters. George Evans, the local unofficial historian for the town, has been writing a column in Wellington News since the very first issue and it is a tribute to his sharp brain and laconic wit that he still hasn’t run out of subjects.
It is because of its unique fit of local news and nostalgia that advertisers have found Wellington News a successful way of advertising their products and many of the current advertisers have been with us for many years.
Wellington News is circulated door to door across homes in Telford once a month by our own established team of deliverers. It is also available via selected outlets throughout the wider Telford area and beyond.
Wellington News gives our readers and advertisers a well-trusted and enjoyable focus each month.
To advertise in the Wellington News call Simon Gaston on 01952 415334